What Is a Proof of Loss?

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Your insurance company may ask you for additional information and documents after you file a claim. One document that your insurance company may request that you complete is a proof of loss. Filing a Proof of Loss is required under most insurance policies, including homeowners insurance, business insurance, life insurance, and car insurance. Your duty […]

What Can A Business Owner Do if an Employee Breaches a Non-Compete Agreement?

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Some businesses require their employees to sign non-compete agreements to protect their business interests. Generally, non-compete agreements prohibit certain conduct, such as working for a competitor for a specified period.  Sometimes employees violate the terms of such agreements and the business must consider how to react to this violation. What Are Non-Compete Agreements? A non-compete […]

Will insurance cover loss of business income due to Covid-19?

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Wisconsin and other states temporarily shut down non-essential businesses to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These shutdowns will cause devastating economic consequences for many industries and businesses. Many of our clients have asked us whether there might be coverage for business interruption. Overview of The Insurance Coverage Issues Many business insurance policies and […]

Murdock Law’s Covid-19 Response

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Our little corner of the world has changed so much over the last few weeks. Since March 16, for the safety of our clients, our visitors, and our team the entire Murdock Law office has been working remotely and will do so until the COVID-19 crisis passes. We are navigating unfamiliar terrain, yet we find […]

Is “Self-Dealing” Ever Allowed?

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Related party transactions or “self-dealing” is a legal concept in which a fiduciary (such as a director, or officer,) personally benefits in a transaction involving a company to which he or she owes the fiduciary duty. A common example of self-dealing occurs when a director is on both sides of a transaction. For example, if […]

Anthony Murdock Wins Jury Trial

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Anthony Murdock recently won a jury trial where he represented a construction company. The company had started the lawsuit with another attorney  as a simple collections matter but the company hired Murdock after the customer filed a counterclaim alleging that the company’s work was defective and that the company had violated the Home Improvement Practices Act. The […]

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