Anthony Murdock Wins Jury Trial

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Anthony Murdock recently won a jury trial where he represented a construction company.

The company had started the lawsuit with another attorney  as a simple collections matter but the company hired Murdock after the customer filed a counterclaim alleging that the company’s work was defective and that the company had violated the Home Improvement Practices Act. The customer then made a six figure settlement demand.

The company then hired Murdock to fix the situation and try the case. Murdock notes,

It was certainly not the most  ideal situation to step into to case that had started as a simple collection matter for an unpaid invoice and got twisted into a case where the other side was demanding huge monetary settlements, but we love a challenge. We are very pleased that the Jury saw the case the same way we did.

A Total Victory

Anthony Murdock picked apart the customer’s counterclaim and proved that the company’s work was not defective and that the company had not violated the Home Improvement Practices Act. The Jury sided with Murdock’s client on all claims.

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