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You know that your construction project has many pieces that must come together seamlessly for the project to succeed. The owner, general contractor, subcontractors, and suppliers all have to be on the same page. The contracts have to be negotiated and signed. The plans have to be approved. Change orders have to be submitted. Schedules and critical paths have to be in place. If any one piece is missing, the entire project falls off track and is at risk of stopping altogether.

What do you do when a construction dispute arises? An owner is unhappy with construction progress. A contractor walks off the project. A supplier doesn’t come through as promised. A construction defect is discovered and an insurance claim follows. The worst has happened, and you need help deciding how to move forward.

Successful resolution of construction disputes requires a combination of construction knowledge and litigation experience. The lawyers at Murdock Law in Milwaukee have that unique combination of knowledge and skills to help you resolve your construction disputes and problems.

We’ve been inside steam tunnel and coal plant projects, at stadium and hotel construction projects, on roofs, and in basements. We’re not afraid to put on a hard hat and get dirty, because often that is what it takes to best understand your project and develop a strategy to resolve your construction dispute.

When one of the parties in a binding agreement, either a written or oral contract, fails to deliver on the terms that were previously agreed upon.

When a construction project fails to comply with normally accepted industry standards or the contract requirements and/or specifications that then results in damages.

Rises due to a project being delayed or extended past a period of time that was understood by the contracted parties due to unexpected circumstances that were not agreed upon.

Relates to issues when trying to specifically speed up the timeline of a project, as in but not limited to overtime pay, increase to the scope of work, and compensation.

Caused by a disagreement with a contracted change order document stating the change in the scope of work, schedule, and pay.

Usually associated with contract termination of a project due to large and unforgiving breaks of contract or expectations, not normally due to small issues.

Related to the time and the amount of which the party completing the project is expected to be paid. Usual challenges come from unforeseen expenses that occur from start to end of the project.

Charges that are unexpected and then offset at the end of the project due to not being covered in the agreed-upon contract.

States that any money that the project owner provides to the main contractor must be held securely by them until all subcontractors’ claims for materials and labor are paid. Usual misuse is using one project’s money to pay off a previous project.

A claim based on a disagreement of the scope of work, compensation, and other related matters when dealing with a contractor for remodeling/improvement work.

Problems that occur when there is a breach or inaccuracy dealing with the warranty stated by the other party.

Contracted agreement for one party to defend the insured against claims, including claims where no damage is awarded.

When one party holds another party/individual accountable for the compensation for any loss or damage suffered to the original party during the performance of a contract.

A dispute occurs normally if construction is disrupted due to fire, hail, or other forms of unintentional acts but then not covered by the builders’ insurance.

Disputes over common risks and/or happenings on a construction site such as bodily hurt due to general business activities.

Tied to companies/individuals not being paid or compensated for the work that they provided to a contractor or subcontractor.

Alleging that a party or individual has not fulfilled the obligations that were agreed upon.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with any of the above types of commercial business litigations and issues.

Murdock Law here in Milwaukee can help you have confidence in your construction contracts again so that you can focus on doing your best work.


You have a form construction contract you use on all your projects, but the contract hasn’t been reviewed in years. You’re not sure if it complies with current laws, and you’ve had several clients raise questions about that paragraph on the second page. You’re sure it could be better drafted so that your construction company is protected and your clients understand the terms of the deal. You’re worried about what might happen if you don’t tighten up your contracts.

We can help. At Murdock Law in Milwaukee, we regularly review and advise clients on their existing construction contracts. We flag the parts of the contracts that need rewriting. We point out where critical contract language is missing. We write contracts in a way that clarifies your intent. Our experience in litigating construction contracts gives us valuable insight into how to best protect your company.

Don’t have a contract? We can help you there too. We work with general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to write contracts for construction projects of all sizes.

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