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The loss was unexpected. So was your insurance company’s response when it denied, delayed, or underpaid your claim. After all, you paid your insurance policy premiums faithfully for years. When disaster struck, you thought you would be able simply to file a claim with your insurance company and get paid the coverage you were owed. You never expected the insurance company to fight your claim, and you’re not sure what to do next.

When you need an insurance dispute lawyer, we’ve got you covered. For over a decade, the lawyers at Murdock Law in Milwaukee have helped policyholders like you recover money owed from insurance companies for property damage claims and liability claims. We know the policy language inside and out. We also know the telltale signs of an insurance company acting in bad faith and can help you maximize your recovery in these situations.

We represent only policyholders–never insurance companies. By standing alongside policyholders only, we can work aggressively to recover insurance money owed to you without worrying about how our policyholder wins may negatively impact the insurance industry. Several of our cases have received national attention, and insurance dispute lawyers from around the country call us to ask how we won these “un-winnable” claims, as they look for a winning strategy on their own insurance claims.

The most common reasons for fire damage claims dispute are insurance companies underpaying the amount to restore your property.

Hail damage claim disputes can occur with property insurance or car insurance companies. Most claims disputes are over what was pre-existing damage and what is the scope of the necessary repairs.

Tied to the accidental dispense of water, whether a leak or overflow, from appliances and/or weather. Also can be related to fire damage claims due to the fire department’s effort to put out the fire.

Normally covered by dwelling coverage, which is there to help rebuild/repair your home after tornado damage or a windstorm. Disputes arise over the cost to restore the home to pre-loss condition.

The damage caused by these pipe bursts is usually covered, but the main cause for claims is the fact that a lot of insurance companies might claim that you have to fix the pipe and cover the costs that are associated with it.

Very similar to tornado damage claims. If you live in a normally high wind area, be sure that you have this in your policy since it is common that it will be charged extra due to more claims in that area.

Most commonly tied to water damage claims and typically covered in homeowner’s insurance. It is normally not covered by external causes, like a flood, and there is a timer from when the first initial claim was made (the water damage claim) and the claim for mold damage.

Covers a broad range from lights being smashed to egging. The one important aspect to note is that if anyone does damage to your property that is listed in the policy then the damage is not covered.

Protects against items and property that is stolen from your covered property. An important step that can help with these claims is to make a list of what was taken and the closer to the time it was stolen the better.

When a construction project fails to comply with normally accepted industry standards or the contract requirements and/or specifications that then results in damages.

A dispute occurs normally if construction is disrupted due to fire, hail, or other forms of unintentional acts but then not covered by the builders’ insurance.

Disputes over common risks and/or happenings on a construction site such as bodily hurt due to general business activities.

The inability to use equipment, housing, and other items due to damages sustained and the repairs needed.

Contracted agreement for one party to defend the insured against claims, including claims where no damage is awarded.

When one party holds another party/individual accountable for the compensation for any loss or damage suffered to the original party during the performance of a contract.

Claims made against one party for the belief that inadequate work has been done or there were negligent actions made by the party while completing and/or working on the project.

This relates to the strategies insurance companies use to try to avoid their contractual obligations to the policyholders. Bad faith is the knowing or reckless denial of owed benefits.

These could be very broad claims and with a lot of them being more specific claims. It covers both damage to your property and the legal responsibility you might have for any property damage and injuries caused by you, your family, or your pets.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with any of the above types of commercial business litigations and issues.


Maybe you’re here because you’ve suffered a loss, but you’re not sure how to best present your claim to the insurance company. Or maybe you’ve already submitted a claim and the insurance company has asked you to sit for an examination under oath. You want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to maximize your recovery and get your life back to normal.

The lawyers at Murdock Law in Milwaukee can help you understand what your insurance policy covers and how to package your claim to maximize recovery. We can help you find contractors, estimators, and public adjusters to get your claim underway. And we can help you negotiate your claim with your insurance company.

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