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Murdock Law in Milwaukee helps you resolve business disputes that threaten your company’s existence. We are trial attorneys with a side of risk management. Our hyper-focus on the details that help us win cases in the courtroom also gives us a keen eye for risk. We have seen the pitfalls that can cause businesses like yours to become vulnerable, and we can help you identify and manage your risk to prevent litigation in the future.

For most companies, it is not a question of if they will become involved in litigation but rather when that will happen. Business and commercial disputes can come from numerous directions–from your competitors, your customers, your vendors, your employees, or even your business partners. Successful preparation for business disputes requires a combination of business experience and business litigation expertise.

When one of the parties in a binding agreement, either a written or oral contract, fails to deliver on the terms that were previously agreed upon.

Normally done through defamation and false statements made about your business, both written or spoken, that cause harm to the reputation and general image of your business.

Concerning the terms, tenure, and/or conditions of employment. Usually dealing with disagreements with benefits, organizational procedures, hours worked, and pay.

The ending of a company and/or partnership where the contracts are unaffected and all parties/partners are liable for their obligations and are entitled to all their rights.

A disagreement or the breach of obligations between two or more business partners, which normally can result in harm to the business’s reputation, profits, and/or growth.

Usually caused by two disputes, the majority shareholder being blocked/stopped by minority shareholders from moving forward on a specific course of action or a minority shareholder being pushed and pressured by a majority shareholder to move forward on an action that they might not agree with.

A failure to act in a responsible manner and with the best interest of the client in mind when originally agreed upon.

Made against a particular party stating that there was personal/intellectual property intentionally taken without permission or consent.

The decision and risk analysis are used for litigation decisions to help decide whether to settle a suit and for how much, which legal issues warrant the most precedential research, and more.

A combined agreement where a party promises to not compete with another party in a specified time period and area.

A contract agreement in which an employee agrees to not solicit a company’s clients, customers, or employees to leave for their own benefit after they quit or decide to move on.

Contracted agreement for one party to defend the insured against claims, including claims where no damage is awarded.

A variety of causations between two parties including but not limited to, intellectual property infringement, contract violations, and other situations with clients and parties involved that can potentially result in legal action.

Information that has potential and/or actual economic value because it is not generally known or it cannot be legitimately obtained by others who would benefit from it.

A wrongful or deceptive business act/practice that causes financial loss to another individual or business, including acts such as trademark infringement, product disparagement, and more.

A claim about trademark infringement or dilution done by another person/company. The Lanham Act is also commonly known as the Trademark Act.

When legal action is taken against another individual and/or company when intellectual property (IP) rights have been infringed upon.

A statement(s) made by one party knowing it was untrue or that was made recklessly to invite another party to enter a contract.

Problems that occur when there is a breach or inaccuracy dealing with the warranty stated by the other party.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a lawyer on staff for all those quick legal questions?


Having a full-time, in-house legal department may not be in your budget. But you don’t have to go it alone. Murdock Law in Milwaukee can fill that role on an as-needed basis, helping you keep your costs down. We work with all types of businesses as outside general counsel. As outside general counsel, we are available to answer your questions and provide guidance on a broad array of legal and business matters. We’re here whenever you need help. You’ll feel reassured by having us on your speed dial as if we’re just down the hall.

Whether you have an established organization, a growing business, or a start-up with big dreams, we can help you meet your goals and succeed.

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