How to Reverse An Insurance Company’s Hail Damage Denial?

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You were there. You heard the hail pound against your roof, siding, and windows. You saw the hail fall in your yard. You contacted a roofer to inspect the roof. The roofer told you that your roof was definitely damaged by hail so you made a claim to your insurance company. While you waited for […]

How Much Is My Insurance Bad Faith Claim Worth?

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Facing an insurance claim denial or delay can be a daunting experience, leaving policyholders wondering about their rights and potential compensation. In Wisconsin, as in many other states, insurance bad faith claims provide a legal recourse for individuals who believe their insurers have acted unfairly or in bad faith. However, determining the worth of such […]

Navigating Insurance Appraisals: A Guide for Wisconsin Homeowners

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Most Wisconsin homeowners are unaware that their insurance policy contains an “appraisal provision” until after they have a loss that they believe their insurance company is trying to underpay. If that happens and the homeowner is working with claim professionals such as public adjusters, or a Wisconsin insurance claim attorney, the topic of appraisal may […]

Cold Weather Crisis: Dealing with Frozen Pipes and Insurance Claims

The Hidden Danger: Frozen Pipes During the Freezing Temperatures The Midwest has been under a week-long arctic blast, with temperatures plummeting (and staying) below 0˚F. While many homeowners have stocked up on milk and bread and cozied up with their favorite Netflix shows, they may have overlooked a danger lurking within their own homes: frozen […]

Maximize Your Additional Living Expenses (ALE) Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding the Importance of ALE Insurance Additional living expenses (ALE) insurance is a type of coverage that helps pay for the cost of temporary housing and other necessary living expenses if you are unable to live in your home due to a covered loss. Depending on your insurance policy, this coverage may also be called […]

What to Do If A Water Pipe Bursts Due to Freezing

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Frozen pipes can cause a tremendous amount of damage.  Your ability to get financial support from your insurance company to make the needed repairs depends on the actions you take immediately after the discovery of the damage and how you report the claim to your insurance company. The following is a list of things that you […]

Murdock Law Wins $3.1 Million Jury Verdict

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Murdock Law, S.C. proudly announces a major triumph in the landmark case of BenShot v. Lucky Shot. In a federal court lawsuit, BenShot, a Wisconsin-based drinking glass company, secured a victory against Lucky Shot USA and 2 Monkeys, who falsely labeled their bullet glassware products as “Made in the USA.” The federal court jury, on […]

What Is a Proof of Loss?

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Your insurance company may ask you for additional information and documents after you file a claim. One document that your insurance company may request that you complete is a proof of loss. Filing a Proof of Loss is required under most insurance policies, including homeowners insurance, business insurance, life insurance, and car insurance. Your duty […]

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