Murdock Law Wins $3.1 Million Jury Verdict

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Murdock Law, S.C. is pleased to announce that it has secured a victory on behalf of Benshot, LLC, a Wisconsin-based drinking glass company,  against Lucky Shot USA  and 2 Monkeys in a landmark lawsuit that the legal and business industries have closely watched for several years.  Lucky Shot and 2 Monkeys had falsely claimed that its competing products were Made In The USA.  

In BenShot v. Lucky Shot, a federal court jury ruled in favor of BenShot on its claims that its competitors, Lucky Shot and 2 Monkey Trading Company had falsely labeled its bullet glassware products as “Made in the USA,” when those products were actually made in China.  BenShot had asserted claims for false designation of origin under the Federal Lanham Act and state unfair competition claims.

On October 17, 2022, a jury found that Lucky Shot and 2 Monkeys were falsely advertising their products. The jury awarded $3.1 Million in damages, which included punitive damages. According to BenShot’s owner, Ben Wolfgram, this verdict proves that “’Made in America’ Matters to customers. False designations of origin hurt American manufacturers and American workers because competitors can get the benefit of being Made in the USA without incurring the costs to actually make the products in the USA. This is a great victory for both the American Worker and for BenShot.’”

“Murdock Law is proud to have been able to help Ben Shot secure this important victory,” said Andrea Murdock, who lead counsel at the trial.  “This was a complex and challenging case and we are so glad to see justice served on behalf of Ben Shot and the American Worker. This victory is a testament to our legal team’s hard work and dedication, and we are grateful to have been able to advocate for Ben Shot’s rights.”

This ruling is a major victory for Ben Shot and has far-reaching implications for the manufacturing community.    “While Ben Shot may be the winner on the Jury’s verdict, the ultimate worker is the American worker and consumer,” according to Murdock. “Falsely advertising Chinese-made products as being  ‘Made In the USA’ hurts companies that invest in their local communities and it ultimately hurt the American worker.”

For more information about the  Ben Shot v. Lucky Shot case or Made in American claims, please contact Murdock Law, S.C. at 844-744-7529.

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