Murdock Law Wins $3.1 Million Jury Verdict

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Murdock Law, S.C. proudly announces a major triumph in the landmark case of BenShot v. Lucky Shot. In a federal court lawsuit, BenShot, a Wisconsin-based drinking glass company, secured a victory against Lucky Shot USA and 2 Monkeys, who falsely labeled their bullet glassware products as “Made in the USA.”

The federal court jury, on October 17, 2022, ruled in favor of BenShot, awarding a substantial $3.1 million in damages, including punitive damages. This verdict sets a precedent in the legal and business industries, shedding light on the significance of truthful origin claims in product labeling.

Andrea Murdock, lead counsel at Murdock Law, expressed pride in the legal team’s dedication and hard work, emphasizing the complexity of the case. The victory not only serves justice for BenShot but also stands as a crucial moment for the American worker and manufacturing community.

BenShot’s owner, Ben Wolfgram, highlighted the importance of the verdict, stating that “‘Made in America’ Matters to customers.” The false claims by competitors not only harm American manufacturers but also undermine the integrity of products genuinely made in the USA.

Murdock Law believes this ruling extends beyond BenShot, impacting the entire manufacturing community. Andrea Murdock asserts that falsely advertising Chinese-made products as “Made In the USA” hurts companies investing in local communities and, ultimately, the American worker.

For more details on the BenShot v. Lucky Shot case or insights into “Made in America” claims, please contact Murdock Law, S.C. This victory marks a significant step towards ensuring truth in product labeling and protecting the interests of American manufacturers and workers.

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