What Should I Do If I Get Sued?

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Being served with a lawsuit is stressful, whether it’s against you personally or your business. After being served, there are serious deadlines you do not want to miss to protect all your legal rights. The Summons and Complaint A summons and complaint are two documents that start a lawsuit. When a summons and complaint are […]

What Permits and Licenses Does My Brewery or Distillery Need?

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Are you worried about everything legal related to the opening or the expansion of your brewery, distillery, or winery? The craft beer, craft cocktail, and local wine industries are booming. But, the complex legal regulations that govern craft alcohol is a hurdle to overcome. The permitting, licensing, and taxation obligations would make anyone’s head spin. […]

Wisconsin’s Safer at Home Order’s Impact on the Construction Industry

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Murdock Law associate Kate Bodenbach recently was invited to speak about current legal issues affecting the construction industry with members of Milwaukee’s chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). In particular, the discussion focused on the effect of Wisconsin’s Safer at Home Order (EO#28) on Wisconsin’s contractors. Thankfully, the construction industry has […]

Can I Cancel My Airbnb Due to COVID-19 Without Penalties?

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Companies across the country are developing policies in response to the novel COVID-19 virus. Airbnb is no different. The ripple effect of bar and restaurant closings, hotel and resort closings, and “Stay At Home” orders across the country has led to blanket trip cancellations during the popular spring travel season. Airbnb’s cancellation policy in response […]

I Have a Lien . . . Now What?

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Preserving lien rights is a great way for contractors to protect themselves in case something goes wrong when payment is due. Wisconsin law allows anyone who provides work, labor, or material for the improvement of land to file a lien against the real estate. Using foreclosure to get paid A lien on a property is […]

Can I Sue My Home Inspector If He Missed A Defect?

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Claims Against Home Inspectors Home buyers often (and should) insist on a home inspection before they will agree to purchase a home. This makes sense because inspectors have expertise in areas many buyers are unfamiliar with. Finding defects upon move-in can be frustrating and costly, especially when the home inspector reports that the home was […]

Wisconsin Changes to The Real Estate Condition Report Disclosure Form

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Recently, the Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) called upon the Wisconsin state legislature to update and improve seller disclosure reports. During the 2017-18 legislative session, the state successfully passed disclosure requirement improvements. Most notably, after July 1, 2018, a new version of the Real Estate Condition Report (RECR) is available. Previously, the WRA provided a two-page […]

What Do I Need To Disclose When Selling My Home?

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Sellers want to make their home as attractive as possible to potential buyers. Wisconsin law requires that sellers disclose certain flaws to prospective buyers. Knowing what flaws a seller must disclose can be tricky. What about that old drafty window or the window whose frame you think is starting to rot? Or those cracks you […]

Easement Disputes, Property Boundaries, Neighbors Using Your Land?

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Land disputes between neighbors can be common. Disputes can arise when landowners build a new fence, alter a driveway, or add landscaping. Neighbors also sometimes disagree about lot lines or the location, size, or use of easements. Settling easement disputes quickly is in your best interest because easements can significantly affect property rights and the […]

How Do I Get a Zoning Variance In Wisconsin?

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What Is a Zoning Variance? Landowners may need a zoning variance for a variety of reasons. A variance may be necessary to comply with setback requirements on an oddly shaped lot, to build a new structure or addition, or construct a deck or patio. Variances may also be required if a property owner’s use of […]

What to do when the Seller Does Not Disclose a Defect

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Purchasing a new property is exciting. Problems discovered after purchasing a new property are not. Issues that arise as the closing date approaches, on your closing date, or after purchase are extremely frustrating. Undisclosed defects or problems your new home such as basement leaks, mold, or rotting wood can be extremely expensive to repair. A […]

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