How to Reverse An Insurance Company’s Hail Damage Denial?

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You were there. You heard the hail pound against your roof, siding, and windows. You saw the hail fall in your yard. You contacted a roofer to inspect the roof. The roofer told you that your roof was definitely damaged by hail so you made a claim to your insurance company. While you waited for […]

How Much Is My Insurance Bad Faith Claim Worth?

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Facing an insurance claim denial or delay can be a daunting experience, leaving policyholders wondering about their rights and potential compensation. In Wisconsin, as in many other states, insurance bad faith claims provide a legal recourse for individuals who believe their insurers have acted unfairly or in bad faith. However, determining the worth of such […]

Navigating Insurance Appraisals: A Guide for Wisconsin Homeowners

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Most Wisconsin homeowners are unaware that their insurance policy contains an “appraisal provision” until after they have a loss that they believe their insurance company is trying to underpay. If that happens and the homeowner is working with claim professionals such as public adjusters, or a Wisconsin insurance claim attorney, the topic of appraisal may […]

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