What Does Workmanlike Manner Mean?

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Determining the standard of care for construction work is a common issue that Wisconsin construction lawyers face. How bad must construction be to create legal liability? Although the answer is usually not clear cut, Wisconsin has a framework for assessing the question. In Wisconsin, every construction contract contains an implied common law duty to perform […]

Andrea Murdock Discusses Construction Liens for Home Buyers With WTMJ-4

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Attorney Andrea Murdock was interviewed by local television station  WTMJ-4 about how home buyers can protect themselves against possible liens. Murdock advises home buyers to ask questions before closing on the sale: They should ask the seller whether they had any repair work done, any remodeling done, get copies of any contracts, any lien waivers and […]

Wisconsin’s Right to Cure Law

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Wisconsin’s right to cure law went into effect in 2006.  Although the law has been on the books for over a decade, the right to cure law is complicated and includes many deadlines that both contractors and homeowners regularly miss. This law is made up of two statutes: Wis. Stat.101.148 and 895.07.  The right to […]

How to Bid Public Construction Projects In Wisconsin

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Wisconsin law requires certain public entities to engage in competitive bidding when the estimated cost of a “public works” or “public construction” project exceeds a specified dollar amount. The competitive bidding requirements were enacted to “prevent fraud, collusion, favoritism and improvidence in the administration of public business, as well as to ensure that the public […]

Free Wisconsin Construction Lien Form

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Construction liens are an important tool that contractors can use to ensure that they are paid for their work.  As Milwaukee construction lawyers, Murdock Law has helped numerous contractors win their payment disputes with owners and/or general contractors.  Filing a lien is often the first step.   While liens are date sensitive filing a lien […]

How to Choose the Right Contractor for Your Project

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As Milwaukee Contractor Lawyers, we have seen construction disputes arise and we frequently hear from owners who wish they could have made their hiring decision more carefully. Murdock Law has prepared some tips for owners to use when selecting remodelers and contractors to explain how to choose the right contractor for your project. Does the […]

Construction Defects: What to look for

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What is a Construction Defect Damage caused by construction defects or improper maintenance can be very expensive to remedy.  Here are some things you want to look for when looking to purchase a house or after a contractor performs work at your home. If these problems are present at your house, you will want to […]

Construction Delay Claims

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What is a Construction Delay Claim? As the name would suggest, construction delay claims arise out of a construction project where work has not proceeded pursuant to the schedule. Work has either been extended, compressed, or accelerated due to circumstances that were not anticipated when the parties entered into the construction contract. Although there are […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Projects

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What is a construction defect? Almost any condition that reduces the value of a home, condominium, or common area can be legally recognized as a defect in design or workmanship or a defect related to land movement. Defects in design, workmanship, and materials: These include, water seepage through roofs windows and sliding glass doors; siding and […]

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