Murdock Law Wins $3.1 Million Jury Verdict

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Murdock Law, S.C. proudly announces a major triumph in the landmark case of BenShot v. Lucky Shot. In a federal court lawsuit, BenShot, a Wisconsin-based drinking glass company, secured a victory against Lucky Shot USA and 2 Monkeys, who falsely labeled their bullet glassware products as “Made in the USA.” The federal court jury, on […]

I Was Served With an Intellectual Property Lawsuit Now What?

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Being sued can be one of the more stressful experiences that people endure. Your entire livelihood can be at stake.  After being served, there are serious deadlines you do not want to miss to best protect all your legal rights. Click here for more general information on what to do after being served with a lawsuit. The Summons and Complaint […]

What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

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If you are working with a new customer or client you may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. You may be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is often referred to as NDAs for short. In Wisconsin, Non-Disclosure Agreements NDAs are used in a wide range of settings. A party may want to […]

What Can A Business Owner Do if an Employee Breaches a Non-Compete Agreement?

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Some businesses require their employees to sign non-compete agreements to protect their business interests. Generally, non-compete agreements prohibit certain conduct, such as working for a competitor for a specified period.  Sometimes employees violate the terms of such agreements and the business must consider how to react to this violation. What Are Non-Compete Agreements? A non-compete […]

What Should I Do If I Get Sued?

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Being served with a lawsuit is stressful, whether it’s against you personally or your business. After being served, there are serious deadlines you do not want to miss to protect all your legal rights. The Summons and Complaint A summons and complaint are two documents that start a lawsuit. When a summons and complaint are […]

What to Expect When You Mediate

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Every mediator brings a different style and approach to a mediation. Here’s what you can expect from your Murdock Law mediation. Discuss the Process When the parties agree to work with a Murdock Law mediator, the first step will be a discussion about the mediation process. Will the parties submit confidential mediation statements to the […]

What Permits and Licenses Does My Brewery or Distillery Need?

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Are you worried about everything legal related to the opening or the expansion of your brewery, distillery, or winery? The craft beer, craft cocktail, and local wine industries are booming. But, the complex legal regulations that govern craft alcohol is a hurdle to overcome. The permitting, licensing, and taxation obligations would make anyone’s head spin. […]

Is A Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable In Wisconsin?

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What is a Non-compete Agreement? A Non-compete agreement is a provision in a contract that prevents one party from competing against the other party. Non-compete agreements are common in employment contracts, shareholder operating agreements, and business sales. Why Would a Company Want a Non-Compete? Non-compete agreements can be vital for many companies. There are many […]

Is “Self-Dealing” Ever Allowed?

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Related party transactions or “self-dealing” is a legal concept in which a fiduciary (such as a director, or officer,) personally benefits in a transaction involving a company to which he or she owes the fiduciary duty. A common example of self-dealing occurs when a director is on both sides of a transaction. For example, if […]

What Can Wisconsin Businesses Do About Defamatory Reviews?

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In the social media era, Wisconsin businesses are more vulnerable than ever to false reviews and defamatory statements.  Defamatory online reviews should concern of all business owners. Murdock Law has worked with business owners to repair their online reputation. What is Defamation in Wisconsin? Defamation is a false statement communicated by speech, conduct, or writing to […]

How to Break Up With Your Business Partner in Wisconsin

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Entrepreneurs start their businesses with ambition and optimism.  But many business partners fail to plan for the possibilities of a dispute between the partners, eventual exit strategy, or a business breakup in Wisconsin.  Absent such planning, Wisconsin business owners face risks that not only threaten their professional relationships but also threaten the partner’s entire investment. Business […]

Selecting The Right Corporate Formation For Your Business

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One of the first major decisions that any Wisconsin business needs to make is which corporate formation to use. Depending on your business strategy there are several formations that businesses can use. The following table provides some of the common considerations and highlights of certain formations.   LLC C Corp S Corp Filing requirements Articles […]

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