What to Expect When You Mediate

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Every mediator brings a different style and approach to a mediation. Here’s what you can expect from your Murdock Law mediation. Discuss the Process When the parties agree to work with a Murdock Law mediator, the first step will be a discussion about the mediation process. Will the parties submit confidential mediation statements to the […]

Arbitration Clauses in Construction Contracts

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It’s going to happen eventually. No matter how careful you are on your construction projects, something eventually will go wrong. How are you going to deal with it when you end up in a fight with the owner or a subcontractor? The best time to think about dispute resolution is before the dispute ever arises–when […]

Contractor Notice of Lien Rights In Wisconsin

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Remember in middle school when your teacher announced a pop quiz as you sat down at your desk at the start of class? A collective groan would erupt from the students as the teacher stood at the front of the room listing off the rules of engagement. “Your name must be in the upper right […]

Financing Contingency – What Should Buyers Know?

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The standard offer to purchase forms for residential property in Wisconsin (Form WB-11 and Addendum A) contain several contingencies: financing, appraisal, closing of buyer’s property, and inspection. Each of these give the buyer different rights as it relates to the offer. In this post we’ll talk about the financing contingency. Most residential offers to purchase […]

Wisconsin Vacation Home Rentals Get a Boost from a New State Law

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Wisconsin is a popular destination for tourists. With coastlines on two Great Lakes, rolling hills dotted with farms, expansive forests offering the unforgettable smell of pine, and many cultural attractions in its two largest cities—Milwaukee and Madison—tourists find plenty of reasons to escape to Wisconsin. After settling on a destination, the next question for most […]

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