Murdock Law Volunteer Day

murdock holiday blog hero

For our firm holiday party this year we opted to forego the traditional dinner at a fancy restaurant, and we instead spent the afternoon volunteering at Hunger Task Force followed by an evening throwing sharp axes at targets.

Our chosen activities exemplified two of our core values: Do Good and Do Better. One of the reasons we started this firm was because we wanted to be able to create positive change, for our clients and our community. We had big ideas about how to go about doing that, and we knew that we would be able to take more meaningful steps toward our goals if we called all shots.

One way we “Do Good” is by setting our schedules to allow time for ongoing volunteer activities, that allow us to give our time and efforts to causes we each value. One way we “Do Better” is by working hard to improve our clients’ experience through streamlined practice management systems and online payment options. Now, nearly two years into our business, we’ve accomplished much, but many of our conversations still revolve around “how could we do this even better?”

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